A.J. Mahari is an insightful, intelligent, caring, inspirational, motivating force. Her compassion and understanding are palable. A.J. Mahari is an experienced and effective life coach who can and will help you to help yourself in whatever area of your life that you need to find relief, comfort, change, or more effective ways of coping. She has a dynamic and energetic communication style that definitely evokes an awakening awareness in those she works with.  She is a compassionate, patient, and supportive listener.

A.J. Mahari, a woman who has recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder, sexual abuse, and who has transformed herself from codependent enmeshed ways of toxic relating to healthy relating, among other things, offers her services as a life coach to you at very reasonable rates. Mahari knows the journey from the emotional pain and suffering of mental illness to emotional peace and freedom and mental health. She knows what it is like to be blocked from happiness, emotional balance and well-being by unresolved abandonment issues. She has resolved those abandonment issues in her own life. A.J.’s passion is working as a coach to help others become more aware of their own unresolved abandonment and more specifically how it is blocking them in the here-and-now from moving forward in life and realizing their goals and dreams.

What qualifies A.J. Mahari to be a Life Coach is her own life experience and journey. There is nothing as rich, empowering, or even as educating, really, as having taken the journey of recovery from many difficult and challenging things in life and of knowing the lay of that land first-hand, from the inside out. A.J. is, of course also, extremely well-read. While A.J. has not sought to attain a degree she has studied Social Work at the College level as well as taken several University courses in Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Communications, and Psychology.

A.J. has been throughout most of her life, thus far, on the journey of living an examined life. Circumstances in her life gave her essentially two choices. She could keep her head buried in the sand of suffering or she could find a way to transcend that suffering. A.J. has found her way to a positive, balanced, healthier way of being and of engaging life. It is from this experiential education in her life that A.J. has found a wealth of ability to support others through their own process of engaging the living of an examined life.

On her own journey of recovery she has educated herself a tremendous amount about many aspects of healing, recovery, grief work, inner child work, moving from polarized thinking to the paradoxes that are everywhere in life and much more. She has had to go through all of those things and many more in the course of her life. A.J. Mahari has faced many challenges and she always manages to not only come through those challenges, meeting them head-on, and being much stronger, wiser, and empowered for their lessons but she also is dedicated to paying-forward her unique style of being able to communicate her experience and insight to others in ways that help them then to find more awareness. The kind of awareness that leads those who work with her to the heightened insight that motivates them to further help themselves.

As A.J. also says, “I know what it is like to be down in the trenches, or the pits, if you will, of victimization – of not only having been victimized but of having taken on this victim mentality that just keeps you stuck in such pain and suffering. I know that feeling of hopeless helplessness personally from the inside out. I know what it took for me to walk across the bridge from victim to survivor – from victim to victor – from that helpless victim mentality to an empowered responsible emotionally mature way of being in the world that is defined by me and the boundaries I set, the goals I set and achieve, the choices that I make and the application of evolving-change based upon the lessons that I embraced and learned and continue to learn in life. So much of the toxic relating that people are stuck in today has all to do with unresolved issues from the past. But, what is even more important than those unresolved issues is what you do or don’t do about them and the choices that they have motivated you to make so far – choices that likely aren’t working well for you in your life. The difference between living a life with codependent issues of enmeshment for example and learning to live a well-bounded yet flexible independent life have all to do with letting go of the victim mentality – a mentality that when we are in it we often aren’t so aware of – that affects the way we perceive and experience most aspects of our lives.

There are so many old patterned and habitual ways that people have learned to be that are not all that difficult to change, really, once a person decides that they have really had enough of all that doesn’t work in their lives. It really is about having the courage to get, be, and stay honest with oneself. And having the courage to want to learn new ways of being in the world, and of relating to the world. We truly do, as Kibran said, have to be the change that we most want to see in the world. That change has to come from within each one of us. Each one of us has to do that for ourselves. No one else can do that for us. What I have to offer as a Life Coach is supportive, nurturing, understanding and validation for the client’s journey that will reflect back the nature of what he or she needs to become more aware of to empower him or herself.”

Some people allow their circumstances and challenges to define them – not A.J. Mahari. A.J. has taken the ample lessons from past circumstances and challenges in her life and re-defined her self, her passion, and her purpose. She has learned how to find and turn on that coping switch that lets hope and faith flow no matter what life presents her with. A.J. is a firm believer, as she says, “in the power of hope, faith, and determination. Each one of us has so many choices that we can make. Choices, that while not easy, are so empowering. Each one of us has his or her own power to bring to bear on any and all challenges. So much of what experience comes down to is all about choice. A major part of my work as a Life Coach and Strategist revolves around helping others to unlock this awareness within them that can then empower them to start to make the kind of new choices that can just change everything, really. There is no magical answer for anything. But, choice is the root of all experience. Choice is the root of all change. What most often hinders choice is a lack of awareness and/or a lack of understanding. That’s what I am here for. I am the one, who when consulted, can provide the feedback, support, and validation that will empower the client to be able to gain more awareness and insight in ways that then empower him or her to truly help themselves, regardless of what the particular issues or challenges are.”

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