Unresolved Abandonment Negatively Impacts Relating

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In this video, Life Coach, A.J. Mahari talks about the reality that unresolved abandonment negatively impacts relating and relationships. Unresolved abandonment is a key ingredient in the mix in the making of toxic relationships.

A.J. Mahari's Video - Unresolved Abandonment

Abandonment Negatively Impacts Relating and Relationships – Unresolved abandonment causes untold emotional and psychological suffering.  Both those diagnosed with a mental illness and those who are not can be blocked and stuck due to unresolved abandonment issues in their lives. The difference between having a personality disorder, for example, or not, and yet still having unresolved abandonment issues has a lot to do with the intensity of that abandonment in childhood and just how much sensitivity to the abandonment there was. This along with whether or not one had the resources to cope makes all the difference.

Abandonment is at the core of what drives toxic relationships whether one has a mental illness or not. What you attach to without conscious awareness is what seeks to teach you more about yourself.

A.J. Mahari talks about what abandonment is and how what all that abandonment encompasses is often not realize by people who are carrying unresolved abandonment issues from childhood into their adult lives. Abandoned pain – unattended to pain – is an emotional and psychological block that causes suffering.

Mahari talks about how unresolved abandonment in your life will often manifest itself. What to look for to know if you may well have unresolved abandonment issues that are at the heart of your being or having been in a toxic and painful relationship. There are so many choices that people with unresolved abandonment issues in their lives make that they are not consciously aware of. This is another important aspect of how A.J. can help you in her role as a life coach. She can help you to become more aware of choices that you have made and aren’t aware enough of. By becoming more aware of these choices that you have made A.J. can then help you to strategize new goals and plan to achieve them. New goals that will also help you to go forward with your life while you work to resolve what has been the unresolved abandonment that negatively impacts your relationships.


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