7 Tips To Help You Identify a Toxic Relationship

Life coach, A.J. Mahari, in her latest audio, How To Identify a Toxic Relationship, gives listeners 7 tips on how to identify a toxic relationship. Toxic relationships are becoming much more common than most people may realize. So common, in fact, toxic relationships are the new normal  for way too many people. A new normal  that is painful and mentally and physically dangerous to health.

This proliferating new normal has been strengthened in many people and their relationships because people continue to live their lives without gaining enough awareness into what the authentic self requires resolution about within. Human beings do carry unresolved issues from childhood. Some to a greater degree than others. As a life coach, I am reminded of this daily as my clients give voice to this in their individual journeys. 

How To Identify A Toxic Relationship
Toxic Relationships – Coping with Difficult Toxic and/or Abusive People 

For anyone who realizes they are in a toxic relationship and/or an active contributor to a toxic relational dynamic what is needed is an increased self-awareness. Self-awareness that can be found through examining what needs to be learned and/or strengthened from the inside out in order to increase self-esteem, self-worth, and boundaries to a healthier level.  


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If you suspect or know that you are in a toxic relationship it is important to talk it over with someone. Validate your experience and perspective. As a life coach, I have many clients who find the reality-check of talking things over in the life coaching process with me, in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, to be very helpful in increasing their understanding and healing.


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